Curving and highly resistant, these are the characteristics of Aurora. Made entirely of stainless steel 316L and designed to withstand all atmospheric conditions, the shower’s design develops on its curving, round lines that make it perfect for elegant and modern spaces, and adaptable for any type of surface and pool installation.

For Inoxstyle, quality is of the utmost importance. This is precisely why our craftsmen use the top materials and manually polish the stainless steel, using the same mirror polishing techniques used for luxury yachts and their furnishings.


  • Made entirely of stainless steel from the shower’s body to its screws
  • Nautical grade mirror polishing that is resistant to atmospheric conditions.
  • Minimal screws to reduce corrosion and increase aesthetic impact
  • Invisible base mounting screws, hidden by cover for increased protection from deposits, limestone, and rust.
  • Inoxstyle 10 year guarantee on shower body
  • Anti-limestone and anti-obstruction silicone rubber shower head
  • Possible 1/2″ metal tap
  • Possible electric faucet with timer and hydro massage. Aesthetically pleasing with vandal-proof button
  • Customizable on request

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