Designed and built in the Inoxstyle laboratories, the yacht shower Carbon & Steel is made entirely of carbon fibre and stainless steel. This shower is truly one of a kind, and the best in its class when considering design elegance and the technology behind the materials.
The shower’s body is made of structural carbon fibre and contains “Marine Grade” AISI 316L stainless steel inserts with a mirror finish as well as a nautical finish that guarantees protection against the elements. The shower is available as a single unit or as two stackable parts that can be taken apart while sailing. Each hydraulic part of Carbon & Steel is of the highest quality, beginning with the shower head, the anti-scale silicon rubber, and the customisable shower faucets.

Carbon & Steel is the perfect combination of lightness and mechanical strength, thanks to the elegance of carbon and the reliability of stainless steel. Learn more about this shower by visiting the SHOWROOM section of the blog or by clicking on Inoxstyle’s website.

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