In the previous Focus articles regarding carbon fibre we have discussed various aspects of its composition, characteristics, and the industrial sectors which use the “fibre of the future”. We shall close this chapter therefore with a few interesting facts that are sure to once again underline the incredible performance of this material.

Graphite Configuration: this is the secret of the elevated mechanical properties of carbon fibre. The carbon atoms are arranged in this particular pattern thanks to prior treatments that the material undergoes.

Thinness: carbon fibre is ten times thinner than human hair. Therefore, to increase its resistance the single strands are joined in filaments that are then braided together to form an actual material.

High-tech material: the particles of carbon fibre are a combination of a carbon material and a particular type of resin that distributes the tension of the fibre and forms the geometric shape of the piece.

Layer upon layer: you wouldn’t realize it given the lightness of the material, but the production of carbon fibre consists of pressing layer upon layer of carbon material, covered in resin, into a heated mould until the final lightweight and compact product is obtained.

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