Single unit showers

In this article from the technical series we will explore a topic related to outdoor showers, one that is of great interest to Inoxstyle. Among the main characteristics that an object like an outdoor shower should possess, in addition to great design, is its resistance to weather conditions and the ease with which it can be cleaned. Inoxstyle showers are designed and built as single units, completely absent of visible welding points, connective pieces, and assembly screws.
The structural homogeneity not only gives the single unit showers an elegant design that exalts its lines and geometric qualities, but the lack of assembled pieces and joints guarantees a high quality product that has no possibility of developing limestone deposits and corrosion.

This is very important for outdoor showers that are exposed to all types of weather conditions that could damage them, ruin their finish, or negatively affect their stainless steel’s cleanliness. Thanks to this particular type of structure, the shower’s characteristics remain intact.

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