The shower Dream Yacht boasts fluid design that is exalted thanks to the high quality of its production. The shower features a single unit body made of stainless steel 316L and an integrated showerhead. As with all our products, Dream Yacht is not made of multiple assembled pieces, rather it is constructed from a single unit that has been welded under controlled atmospheric conditions. All of our stainless steel is polished manually in a multiple pass, artisan process that guarantees the highest quality, Nautical grade finish. This model has been designed to favour functional use of the shower without interfering with the harmony of its design. Dream Yacht is an excellent union of style and strength, making it the perfect elegant touch in modern settings.


– Main body diameter 76 mm, height 217 cm, showerhead height 210 cm

– Marine grade, stainless steel 316L main body

– Multiple pass, Nautical grade manual polishing

– Single unit welded body, TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas)

– Internal faucet without visible assembly screws

– ½” water inlets from below with quick-connect fittings

– Anti-deposit and anti-obstruction silicone rubber showerhead

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