One of the most incredible railroad bridges in the world, “Forth on the Bridge” was built in 1890 along the eastern coast of Scotland fourteen kilometres from Edinburgh. The bridge was designed and built on a steel structure that is still considered today an engineering and architectural feat! At the time of its construction, the bridge showcased a futuristic vision both for its technical and design qualities.  Measuring 2.5 kilometres in length, the bridge sits 46 meters above sea level. The main structure that makes up “Forth on the Bridge” consists of two main structures that measure approximately 520 meters, two lateral supports of 200 meters, and fifteen structural supports that measure between seven and fifty meters. Each main support consists of two cantilevered arms of 207 meters that support a structural support measuring 106 meters.

Three grand cantilevered structures made of four towers measuring 104 meters in height, with a diameter of 21 meters – the bridge is truly a steel marvel that required the labour of 4600 workers to elevate it between the sky and water.
Even though modern trains cause less stress to the bridge than the original steam engines, the bridge requires expensive and special maintenance. This industrial wonder was declared a UNESCO site in 2015.

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