Picking an outdoor shower to install near a pool or on a yacht is by no means an easy choice. Outdoor and yacht furnishings are increasingly avant-garde and functional, thus guaranteeing maximum efficiency and aesthetic value. The first piece of advice is to select a qualified architect, designer, or industry professional who can help you construct your ideal vision for the space. When selecting a professional to work with, always ask them to show you their licensing and applicable certifications.
The first characteristic to keep in mind is the quality of materials and their construction. Industrial showers are made with diverse materials like chrome-plated brass, standard steel, and stainless steel. Inoxstyle’s products are made with stainless steel 316L, which guarantees their maximum resistance to atmospheric conditions.
Outdoor spaces, especially marine environments, are exposed to extreme “stress” not only because of limestone and daily wear, but above all because of atmospheric conditions and corrosion. It is therefore imperative that you choose not only a well-designed product, but also one that is resistant to wear, stains, and dullness. A high quality finish prevents harm caused by the acid in rain, and requires infrequent cleaning. Inoxstyle showers, unlike industrial showers that are polished by machines or chrome-finished, all feature nautical-grade mirror finish that prevents limestone deposits and premature aging.

An industry professional will be able to advise you on which qualities should take priority in your choice, such as the production process and the size of the shower’s body. Showers that are made in one piece without screws and other points of possible oxidation and residue reduce opportunities for limestone build-up.
If a shower is made of thin materials for easier production, it is only natural that they would be much more subject to dents in the case of bumps. A high quality shower made with thicker materials is more resistant and solid, and gives you more of a guarantee on the shower’s life. And on the topic of guarantees, the law requires a period of guarantee to which the manufacturer includes exclusions. The warranty is an important indicator of how confident the manufacturer is in the quality of its product. Inoxstyle products offer a ten year warranty on the shower body and within the given period, maximum availability on all of the shower’s parts.
The shape and size of the shower should be proportional to the space, and the design should be inspired by the lines and flooring of the setting where the shower will be installed. We suggest that you choose a simple, elegant style, recognisable for its geometric lines, which never go out of style.
Our last piece of advice: details make all the difference. Industrial showers are often made with standard parts, often coming from abroad without any sort of certification. These tend to not take into consideration style and potential malfunctions. Inoxstyle products exclusively use Italian made faucets, that are, in many cases, designed and produced exclusively for the products themselves.

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