Interlude Y is a yacht shower that is recognised for its symmetry and the harmony created thanks to its seductive lines. This shower is an example of a design project that merges technical expertise with a fascinating aesthetic design. An object of great elegance, every detail contributes to the shower’s prestigious architectural design, making it ideal for contemporary, modern spaces. Built entirely from “Marine Grade” stainless steel 316L, the shower has unique technical properties thanks to its nautical finish, characteristic of all Inoxstyle products, giving it increased durability against limestone and extreme weather conditions.


– Main body 30 x 60 mm, total dimensions 47 x 18 cm, height 238 cm, showerhead height 218 cm and 180 cm
– Main body built from “Marine Grade” stainless steel 316L
– “Nautical grade” multiple process manual polishing
– Single welded main body, TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas)
– Anti-limestone and anti-obstruction silicone rubber showerhead

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