Perfect for modern settings, Interlude is the ideal mix of sophisticated shower design and an object of exceptional quality, where every detail has been selected with meticulous attention. Carefully constructed from stainless steel AISI 316L, the shower is perfect for any swimming pool and is resistant to effects from the environment thanks to its final finish of hand mirror polishing. Made from a single piece of steel, Interlude has a harmonious symmetry like that of a sculpture, and can be customised according to clients’ needs.

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Double showerhead in the shower’s body

Materials: Stainless steel AISI 316L, fittings with quick-coupling system and PVC
Finish: Polish, finished with nautical grade mirror polishing
Measurements: main body 30×60 mm, h 230 cm, showerhead height 170 e 210 cm
Screws: Visible 
Connection: Water entrance 1/2″

Electronic tap “Genius”
Mixer tap on external column
Tap “Stella” on external column
Timed tap on external column h 80 cm 60×60 mm
Timed tap on pavement
Brushed finish
Output 1/2″

Protective cover

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