The shower has transformed over the years from an experimental novelty to a necessary hygienic object that is now found in most homes, hotels, and even outdoor spaces like ships and pools. It has evolved over the years, becoming larger and exponentially better designed, and in some versions, is ideal for psycho-physical wellbeing. The alternating shower, for example, has extraordinary effects on the body as water spray varies between hot and cold water, applied with varying degrees of pressure.
There are many benefits of such contrasts as it helps the body purify and reinvigorate itself, stimulates blood circulation, and eliminates stagnation and retention in the body and skin.

Treatment can vary from one to five minutes, with water varying from 10°C to 37°C. In order to reach optimal results, the practice should be done with regularity. Of course the mind also benefits from the treatment, as it quickly grows accustomed to it and relaxes during the process. There is an extreme version of the alternating shower called the “Scottish Shower“. During this version, you shower in 30 to 40 degree water for one minute, followed by a cold shower for a few seconds and then hot water again. This alternating practice continues for approximately ten minutes, and finishes with a cold shower.

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