Diving into the history of the shower, from its origins to its modern-day use, we have often highlighted how the first prototypes struggled to gain favour with the public. The reason for which is easily understood: unfortunately considerations like the attention to convenience, water consumption, and above all hygiene were not very valued in the nineteenth century by the noble classes or otherwise.
When it happened, the diffusion of showers throughout the world was fast and unstoppable, providing ample inspiration to designers and builders that had experimented with its form and function over the years. Today the shower has evolved beyond a simple concept of personal hygiene to the world of Wellness. And just like the shower, thanks to the stress-fighting attributes of physical fitness, the industry has experienced huge success in recent years!

The emotional shower is a multi-sensory experience that is generally combined with other treatments like sauna or Turkish bath. The basic idea behind the emotional shower is to alternate blasts of water that differ not only in temperature but also in pressure. Often associated with chromo-therapy (colour therapy) and aroma-therapy, this type of experience is invigorating for the skin, leaving it softer and with greater elasticity, as well as for the psyche, leaving you feeling relaxed and satisfied. When colours and scents are changed together, the effect is an environment that harmonizes with the flow of the water, simulating a waterfall. This is just the type of shower that we cannot recommend enough…

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