Welding is an important to process to guarantee a high quality product. In previous articles we have analysed this process, finishing with TIG and MIG methods.
Ultrasonic welding is an advanced process that allows the joining of conductive metals like aluminium, copper, or brass, and small sized materials. This type of welding is highly effective, safe, clean, and reliable. The process is based on the use of ultrasonic energy to join two pieces using a high frequency acoustic vibration directed at the joining point.

Characteristics: high quality, reliable welded joints with little thermal disfiguration given the modest increase in temperature
Materials: aluminium, copper, silver, nickel, gold, magnesium, titanium, zinc, cobalt alloys and soft steel
Uses: found in diverse industrial sectors: automobile, aerospace, medical devices, like batteries, electrical wire terminals, thermal sensors, transformers, and relays

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