On Inoxstyle’s Facebook page we often search for inspiring images from around the world that feature the two hemisphere’s most beautiful swimming pools. From Asia, Australia, the USA, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates, there are truly breath-taking architectural masterpieces that any tourist would be lucky to experience. “Shower Talk” has compiled a list of these gems of style, design, and originality that are sure to represent a living dream for our readers.

  • Marina Sand Bay

Built on the roof of the most expensive building in the world (worth approximately 4.7 billion dollars), this swimming pool was constructed exactly 57 floors above the ground. Here you find a relaxing pool in the breath-taking skyline of Singapore. But that’s not all. This ultra-luxury hotel has made water the star of the building, including 74 private pools for its most exclusive guests, as well as water sofas located within the pools themselves.

  • Aman Resort

A swimming pool that appears to have been swallowed by the Grand Canyon  (located on the Utah and Arizona border), the Aman Resort pool is built around an enormous rock formation that hides it, while the hotel itself is found on the outer edge of the pool. Thanks to the resort’s brilliant location and design, the simple act of going for a swim or opening a window in your guest room becomes a memorable experience.

  • Bondi Beach

Between nature and civilization: this is the incredible context of Sydney’s Bondi thermal baths, recognized for more than 100 years as an industry leader. A swimming pool that hangs over the ocean, the pool offers views of the entire beach and endless ocean, and is surrounded by smaller pools for less experienced swimmers. The real magic is offered by mother nature, for when the sea is rough, the ocean dumps its waves directly onto the Olympic size pool, creating an unforgettable  blue water spectacle.

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