ARCHICAD 20’s symbolic architectural jewel, the museum is New Zealand’s only museum dedicated to a single artist. Len Lye, a famous kinetic artist, has influenced contemporary design with his works. The Len Lye Centre was designed to meet multiple needs. Built in a new cultural and artistic area, it is connected to the city’s commercial centre. The Len Lye Centre is located in Taranaki, in New Zealand, a region that is known for its production of stainless steel, fitting as stainless steel is the main material used on the exterior of the building. The 3,000 squared metre building interacts with the urban plaza through its exterior, which reflects and transmits light. Using an orographic effect to transmit light from one spot to another, the design serves to enliven and illuminate both. The shape of the exterior is deeply indented. Viewed from above, the colonnade’s top edges create a koru form (a Maori symbol that refers to the silver fern frond), showing the Polynesian influence on the museum.

On the inside of the building, the colonnade creates a curtain with three asymmetric ramped sides that span the space of an ascending processional ramp that leads to the galleries. The openings of the colonnade create shapes in the light that shine on the ramp, perhaps as a form of passive kinetic architecture.

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