The term hydrotherapy refers to the curative and relaxing treatment of the body through the use of water. These treatments can be based on various principles and involve different stimuli: thermal stimuli (alternating jets of cold and hot water), mechanical stimuli (alternating jets in which the pressure changes at regular intervals), and chemical stimuli (specially prepared and mixed with the water).
Hydrotherapy is subdivided into various techniques, each designed to improve or resolve specific psycho-physical problems.

Here are a few examples

– Sponge bath
– Compresses
– Cold baths
– Hot baths
– Hyperthermic baths
– Steam
– Sauna
– Mud treatments, clay, or milk curds
– Ice massage
– Hay sacks (or potato/flaxseed)
– Fenugreek
– Hot rolls (Heisse Rolle)
– Alternating shower

Many of these treatments are not exclusive to spas and wellness centres, but with the right products can be reproduced in our home showers.

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