An outdoor shower that harmoniously mixes formal design with great technical attention given to the production process and materials. Sophisticated design characterizes Melody Cylinder, an Inoxstyle product that can include two, three, or four arms, and is made with the total absence of visible screws. The shower is ideal for any paved or cement surface, and modern or classic environments. Each part of the shower is customisable, from the overall shower, showerhead, faucet, and foot wash, all of which carry Made in Italy quality and include top quality materials like stainless steel 316L and artisan craftsmanship.


  • Made entirely of stainless steel 316L, including the shower body and screws
  • Nautical-grade, hand finished mirror polishing that is highly resistant to atmospheric conditions
  • Reduced necessary screws to reduce possible oxidation and provide a cleaner look
  • Mounting pieces are hidden thanks to a cover, providing better security and reducing deposits, limestone, and rust
  • Inoxstyle warranty: 10 years on the body of the shower
  • Anti-limestone and anti-obstruction silicone rubber shower head
  • Possible 1/2″ metal tap
  • Possible electric faucet with timer and hydro massage. Aesthetically pleasing with vandal-proof button
  • Faucet body made exclusively for the shower
  • Faucet completely integrated into shower body. The smaller footprint reduces deposits, limestone, and rust
  • Possible quick-coupling foot to easily remove shower. Ease of storage during winter months and tamper-proof security
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