Oceanco is a super yacht company based in Holland that specializes in yachts that range from 80 metres to 140 metres. An undeniable personal touch and innovation are at the heart of each of Oceanco’s projects, where the world’s most exclusive yachts are characterised by their craftsmanship, careful selection of materials, attention to the smallest details, and the highest engineering standards in the industry.
With more than thirty years as a leader among its peers, Oceanco has created its own recognisable concept, while remaining timeless in its stylistic, aesthetic, and technological choices.

The spectacular new yacht, AQUIJO, is the largest high-performance modern ketch. Constructed by Oceanco in collaboration with Vitters and acclaimed naval architect Bill Tripp, Aquijo is a sailboat that measures 85 metres in length, 14.48 metres in height, with sail masts reaching 90 metres. A truly unique sailboat, Aquijo impresses not only for its beauty, but also for its innovative technology. A special steering gear was developed to perfectly transmit communication between the rudders to the flying bridge. The interior is characterised by its luxury and comfort, which is why the inclusion of Inoxstyle brings us such enormous satisfaction.

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OVERALL LENGTH: 85m / 279ft
OVERALL BEAM: 14.5m / 48ft
BUILT: 2016


NAVAL ARCHITECT: Bill Tripp Design / Oceanco / Vitters
EXTERNAL DESIGNER: Bill Tripp Design Naval Architecture

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