The pools of our dreams

The most extraordinary swimming pools are often found hidden in opposite corners of the world, with silent canyons or immense, breathtaking oceans between them like noisy metropolises. These unique locations are what give the pools their splendour, adding a unique charm to their design.

Delamore Lodge
Located next to a cliff on the island of Waiheke, the pool at the exclusive Delamore Lodge resort is designed in the shape of a Maori fishing hook. The pool’s jacuzzi is located in a natural cave, while the main attraction is the heated pool on the edge of the cliff. The view? Not much, just the infinite bay of Owhanake.

Ubud Hanging Gardens
A relaxing dive into crystal clear waters with just a touch of vertigo, this “infinity pool” made with island rocks and solidified volcanic ash offers unforgettable views over the Indonesian tropical forest.

Katikies Hotel
Seemingly endless, the pool at the Santorini Katikies hotel in Greece is inspired by the colours of the island. This wild blue and white jewel is perched over the cliffs of Oia, some 107 metres over the Aegean Sea, and is often featured in international media, thanks to its beauty and originality.

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