While red wine sangria is found throughout the world, white wine is not as common. This modern interpretation features light cider, sparkling wine, and spices. This festive beverage was born in the Spanish countryside, and thanks to its delicious fruity flavour, has been diffused throughout the world. Sangria is the perfect drink not only for summer parties, but by setting aside peaches, raspberries, melon, mango, and kiwi, it can take on a wonderful autumn flavour.
Autumn sangria must include the highest quality cider (the younger the better), fresh apple juice made from recently harvested and pressed apples. Spices are then added for a hot and relaxing note.


– ginger brandy
– soda water
– cider
– apples (extract juice and make apple cubes)
– Pinot grigio
– spices to taste

Pears and other seasonal fruits like grapes and citrus can also be added.

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