Shard London Bridge is an 87 floor skyscraper, of which 72 are inhabitable. Built in the Southwark neighbourhood of London, the building measures 306 metres in height, and is the tallest skyscraper in the European Union, the second tallest in Europe, and the 45th tallest in the world. One of the most ambitious projects by Italian architect Renzo Piano, the base of the building is in the shape of a slender, irregular pyramid. The facade is composed of 11,000 glass panels and makes generous use of stainless steel. An interesting fact: for as powerful and futuristic as the building is, it was conceived and built with the concept of eco-sustainability at its core. The tower uses solar energy and harvests cold winds to cool the upper floors without the use of air conditioning. Ninety-five percent of the construction materials were recycled and 50% of the stainless steel was from recycled sources.

What’s more, there are only forty parking spaces, an idea of Piano to encourage tenants and visitors to arrive by bus or metropolitan.

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