In cinema’s history, the shower has found a space in many of the most acclaimed cult films. For directors and screenwriters, the shower scene represents an incredible moment of tension and mystery, as the audience wonders what is hiding behind its curtain – a charming pin-up or a terrifying serial killer?
In 1950, Alfred Hitchcock’s film “Psycho” revolutionized the world of cinema with its unforgettable shower scene, featuring actress Janet Leigh.

Other inspirational moments that connect showers, tubs, and pools with the cinema graphic world come straight to us from Hollywood in the form of Grace Kelly’s class in “High Society“, Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman“, and the ageless allure of Alain Delon in the unforgettable “La Piscine”.
Provocative, sophisticated, and pathos, these are the timeless charms of the shower, an inspiration through the years, even to the world of cinema.

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