Outer space has always been the most fascinating frontier. The sky and all that is hidden within it has inspired every type of question, and with our first intergalactic expeditions, human curiosity has only grown.

Have you ever wondered what space showers are like?

Intergalactic showers address the first problem that astronauts have to deal with: the absence of gravity!

At first glance, “space” showers seem very similar to normal showers. However, the methods to using them are quite different and rather complicated. Astronauts must follow a strict procedure that involves enclosing themselves inside the “rack” and wearing a mask that prevents them from inhaling water and drowning.

The water does not flow onto the body of the astronaut, rather it sprays all over the cabin. Once finished washing but prior to exiting the cabin, the astronaut uses a pump to suck all of the water out.

All in all, the entire process is very complicated, and requires the use of a special dry shampoo. Short hair is recommended!

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