A perfect blend of order and elegance, smooth geometric details and artistic character, Tecno Y is a design piece that is characterised by its clean lines. Thanks to its austere elegance, the shower is perfect for contemporary yachts. Tecno is a single unit shower that features a cover to hide the appearance of mounting hardware. Made entirely of Marine Grade stainless steel 316L, the shower’s technical and aesthetic properties are guaranteed, like all of our showers, under Inoxstyle’s 10 year warranty.

– Main body diameter 60 mm, height 230 cm, showerhead height 220 cm
– Main body constructed from Marine Grade stainless steel 316L
– “Nautical grade” multiple process manual polishing
– Single welded main body, TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas)
– Internal water fittings with no visible mounting screws
– Anti-limestone and anti-obstruction silicone rubber showerhead

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