“The Life Electric” is the name of the striking architectural piece created by American designer Daniel Libeskind in 2015. Located in the picturesque countryside of Lake Como, the sculpture is dedicated to the scientist Alessandro Volta.
Made entirely from steel and coated in stainless steel, “The Life Electric” measures more than thirteen metres in height and weighs 29 tons, yet manages to convey a sense of lightness and energy. The sculpture’s shape is that of two opposing sine curves, and despite its notable height, it does not interfere with the views of the surrounding landscape.

“The Life Electric” is inspired by Volta’s greatest gift to humanity – the discovery of an electric current between a battery’s two poles. The sculpture’s architect, Libeskind, and his team underline how much inspiration they take from projects that allow them to pair traditional craftsmanship with innovation through the use of high quality materials.

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