Viking Cruises is a cruise company that includes two cruising lines: Viking River Cruises for river trips and Viking Ocean Cruises for trips on the open ocean. The Dutch and Scandinavian company was founded in 1997 with branches in the United States, and its main operation in Basle in Europe. Known throughout the world, Viking Cruises operates on an international level that has expanded consistently since its creation. In 2015, Viking Cruises‘ fleet included 64 ships, operated by over 4,000 employees.

Each Viking Cruises itinerary reflects the Viking tradition and passion of exploring the world’s great bodies of water. Ships from both Viking Ocean and Viking River are small masterpieces in artisan quality and technology. Carefully crafted down to the smallest detail to guarantee elegance and comfort, Viking Cruise ships are designed to include all of the extra details one would expect from a larger line, all while maintaining a relaxed ambiance to complement the lines’ unique itineraries.

For Inoxstyle, to see its shower models chosen for ships like Viking Star, Viking Sky, and Viking Sea from Viking Ocean’s new fleet, is an enormous satisfaction that recognizes our commitment to quality in our design and production

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