Planning the perfect swimming pool should begin in autumn. Whether from an architectural or design standpoint, a well thought out pool should be harmonious with its environment, elegant, clean, safe, and naturally perfected year after year. A functional space that has been considered and designed down to the smallest detail will leave you satisfied both from a stylistic and functional perspective. Here we recommend some of the most novel and requested additions for your space.

Cabins and changing rooms: discreet, tranquil, and easy to access. Naturally the ideal solution would be to create a comfortable and enclosed room, but costs and space restraints don’t always make this possible. Wood is the best material to use for dressing rooms, although an alternative could be to use a room in your home.

Outdoor showers: A must for swimming pools, since showers guarantee cleanliness and hygiene. Outdoor showers for swimming pools should be of the highest quality, both from the perspective of the materials they are made from and also their construction. Since outdoor showers are constantly exposed to environmental elements, they must be well-made and resistant to intense weather conditions, while also not forsaking good design and style. Visit the SHOWROOM section of the blog to see all of Inoxstyle’s shower options.

Diving boards: For swimming pools that are deeper than a metre and a half, consider adding a diving board for a touch of fun to your space. When choosing your diving board, don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed with the all of the options on the market: always choose the best quality materials and tested models.

Wellness corner: sauna, Turkish baths, hydro-massage, emotional shower. If the outside area around your pool is large enough, you can build a structure dedicated to your own home spa. A mini hydro-massage pool, for example, can be built almost anywhere, including designating a corner of the swimming pool as a “relax” area.

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