The “Walt Disney” Concert Hall is the fourth concert hall of the Los Angeles Music Center. Designed by Canadian architect Frank Gehry, the concert hall opened in 2003. From its shape to the materials used in its construction, the building impresses from every perspective. Set in an urban context, the hall breaks up every equilibrium, forming new shapes and creating a sense of magical movement from the outside, while guaranteeing perfect acoustics inside.

From a construction standpoint, the entire structure appears to be a fusion of its systems. The internal one is very smooth and is spaced out with concrete pillars, while the exterior one is covered in STAINLESS STEEL, which shows up often throughout the building. The exterior of the hall, with its shapes and hues, is meant to evoke “a sailboat with wind in its sails”, says its architect. As for the hall’s interior acoustics, many concert-goers have described the experience, with the building’s undulating walls and ceilings, as like being inside a violin.

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