Water has for centuries been at the centre of many psycho-physical wellbeing practices. The East is the birthplace of many types of hydrotherapy and massage, and it was the Rising Sun that in the 1970s inspired the medical studies of Harold Dull. Dull thought to combine the beneficial effects of motion with the typical manipulation of shiatsu. Watsu re-establishes the correct circulation of vital energy along the meridian, balancing the psycho-physical wellbeing and stretching the muscle-skeletal system.  Benefiting from the effects of watsu is also one’s posture, which is the first culprit in causing back pain and aches.

In the absence of partial gravity, one’s breathing and blood circulation are optimized. Since the massage takes place in water, the recipient of the treatment is also able to more fully relax. 

Watsu is often recommended for athletes and is often integrated into competitive preparation for professional teams, including the Japanese swim team. Its practice is also gaining traction in the USA and Europe. Water therefore plays an important role not only for our bodies and their hygiene but also for our mental health, freeing us from stress and tension.

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