Steel, glass, and cement are the new protagonists in the architecture found in the world’s great metropolises. Molded materials that have been rediscovered and exalted by the world’s most revered architects, that have joined technology with an artistic spirit without forgetting attention to the environment.
The World Financial Center in Shanghai is the tallest skyscraper in the world, measuring 492 meters in height. Construction began on August 27, 1997, but work was halted at the end of the 1990s due to a financial crisis that plagued the country. Construction was restarted in 2003 and finished in 2008.

Designed by Khon Pedersen Fox the World Financial Center features 93 floors that cover a total of 400,000 square meters. The building is home to important financial businesses as well as a luxury hotel. The unique design of the building was carefully created to minimize the impact of wind on the structure, which at tall heights can have devastating effects!

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